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Project Pathway Mural

The year 2020 brought many challenges as the pandemic struck our world, one example is within the realm of senior students in high school. The great milestones and celebrations of that final year of school before graduation were suddenly stripped away. One student organization within South Haven High School, Project Pathway, wanted something special to honor the graduating class of 2020 - and so this mural was born. The mural depicts a great tree overlooking a Lake Michigan sunset and the proud symbol of our hometown, the historic South Haven lighthouse. Individualized sculptured birds, created and installed by local sculptor, Kathy Kreager, compliment the mural representing the students spreading their wings as they move on after school, some staying close to home and others flying far away. The deep roots represent the pillars that helped the students to grow; Family, Community, Friends, and Project Pathway. This was the first mural I created that had a sculptural component and was completed in collaboration with Kathy Kreager.

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